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PIXEL&MiX is a partnership of Jase (the pixelator) and Cath (the marketing mix-er).

Catherine Fitzgerald

Catherine Fitzgerald

Having worked for national brands such as Visique and NZ Post plus a medley of SMEs and start-ups, Cath is well practiced in making the most out of any marketing brief.
Catherine Fitzgerald
Marketing Consultant
Jason Laverty

Jase Laverty

With over 15 years experience in both front end and back end development up his non-existent sleeves, Jase has long been a pixel perfectionist.
Jason Laverty
Website Developer
Cashew 'Chewy' 'Choo Choo' 'Tooch' 'Chewbaca'


While occasionally coerced into doing the coffee run, Chewy spends most of her time sitting on the keyboard.
What we do

Delve inside our bag of tricks

If it gets your customers to your website, and keeps them there, PIXEL&MiX do it.

Website Design

We specialise in contemporary web design with great user experience. Websites that look good and feel even better to use. For clean design style and elegant interactions, look no further.

Website Development

It's not all pretty facades though. Beneath every good website lies a grunty machine - turning all the cogs and keeping everything running smooth. Need a beefy eCommerce website to power your brand? We've got database engines and server-side code in spades.

Graphic Design

Logo feeling a little tired? Used up all your business cards trying to win that year's supply of free lunches at the salad bar? Time to refresh your online banners? Talk to us about your website or print graphic design needs.


When it comes to online marketing, content is king, queen and the court jester. We can work with you to craft, create and curate a content marketing strategy, or help you with one-off copywriting jobs as and when you need.

Online Marketing

CPCs, SEOs and eDMs are driving you M.A.D? Get in touch. We can provide consultation on pay-per-click and organic search performance, help you with your strategy for social and whip your email marketing activity into shape.

Bonus Stuff

Not ready for anything tactical? Just looking for some general advice to get your website cranking? Or need an extra brain to bounce your marketing ideas off? Get in touch for a coffee and some consultation.
Hall of Fame

Some of the favourite things we've done for some of our favourite customers

  • Matty Mclean - Matty Mclean Celebrant

    Matty Mclean - Wedding Celebrant
    Website Design & Development

    Matty needed a responsive website that was as emotive, warm and professional as the wedding services he delivers. So, with a soft colour palette, a focus on good copy and some gentle interactions, mattymcleancelebrant.co.nz was born. Book him today!
  • Jessica Drysdale - Silverline Photography

    Jessica Drysdale - Silverline Photography
    Graphic Design

    Jess's photography business specialising in family and infant portraits (cute!), is approachable, modern and professional. So Jess worked with PIXEL&MiX to makeover her logo and translate her new look to some nifty new business cards.
  • Lisa Delany - Room99

    Lisa Delany - Room99
    Digital Marketing

    What started with a wine or two at Floriditas flourished into a great digital marketing partnership with Lisa and her design store Room99. Now her SEO, AdWords and PR activity are looking as sleek and sophisticated as her store.

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7 Principles of Great Content Marketing
Catherine Fitzgerald
7 Principles of Great Content Marketing.

In this noisy, over-saturated world of shouty marketing messages, it’s no wonder content marketing is on the top of the to do list for most CMOs.

Web Development Machine Learning Google Prediction API
Jason Laverty
Machine learning: Google Prediction API.

Things have come a long way since gazing longingly at a crystal ball with the vain hope of predicting the future. Whilst Google can't quite predict the future, they get pretty damn close.

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